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Silk Road Restaurant

8-10 Arcade Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN17 5AP

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Tel: 01903 722055


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12 noon till last orders at 10.00pm (later at the weekend, closed Mondays, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day).

Mediterranean Restaurant, Turkish Restaurant

Interior, Buffet, Silk Road Restaurant, West Sussex, U.K
If you are walking along a certain dusty road at the magical hour of dusk, and if you are especially lucky, you may suddenly be struck by the most enchanting music. Follow the melody and you may then become aware of breathing in a heady aroma of barbequed kebabs, enriched by the vague scent of exotic spices. Curiosity will lead you to a dimly candlelit restaurant and your senses will be thrilled further by the richest of colours - ruby, sapphire, emerald and amber - snuggled amongst twinkling shards of copper, silver and gemstones.

There is only one place you could possibly be - the home of all that is Eastern chic in Littlehampton - The Silk Road Restaurant.

Take adventure by the hand and step forth into the unknown realms of visual and tasteful delights. Forget absolutely where you are and allow yourself to be swept back in time to the days of Sinbad and Aladdin and the wicked Ali Baba - where beautiful princesses were rescued from tower tops by hooded heroes on brightly decorated horses, and where silky belly dancers entertained in flower perfumed harems, seduced by incense and the desert wind.

An intoxicating menu awaits you - the evening intensified by the finest in wide-ranging live entertainment - male & female belly dancers, Salsa, live Turkish & Arabic music, Brazilian & Latin jazz, blues jazz and rock n roll or Spanish Flamenco. To name but a few!

Enjoy your evening at the Silk Road Restaurant, come again often, but you will never forget that magical moment of your first visit!

Phone bookings/orders are accepted Phone bookings/orders are accepted

Licensed to serve alcohol Licensed to serve alcohol

Non-smoking area Non-smoking area

Entertainment or live music at certain times Entertainment or live music at certain times

Free car park for customers Free car park for customers

Children are welcome Children are welcome

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