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World Place Lobster Café

32/34 rue Marbeuf, Paris, 75008, France

Contact Details

Tel: 00 33 (0) 1568 83636


Opening Times:

Lunch from 12:15pm
Dinner from 19:15pm

Mediterranean Restaurant

The Lobster Café is in the very heart of Paris in the so called golden triangle between the Avenues George V, Montaigne and the Champs Elysées). This luxury establishment presents a chic gourmet menu. The house menu mixes scallops and grilled lobster while the main menu contains the restaurant’s own foie gras, sushi, lobster, beef filet cooked in the Italian style with creamy polenta, a selection of different fish accompanied by fresh vegetables. The dessert menu is just as good with fresh fruit salad, tiramisu and the usual French classics. If you like the atmosphere why not stay after your meal, late in the evening the restaurant becomes a stylish bar.

Credit/debit cards accepted Credit/debit cards accepted

Licensed to serve alcohol Licensed to serve alcohol

meal price guide Price Range: £35.00 - £55.00 per head

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