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Am Bootshafen 4, Maintal, 63477, Germany

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Tel: 00 49 (0) 6181 43030


Locally Sourced Restaurant

Hessler, Maintal
Stylish but not stiff - would be a fitting description for the Hessler in Maintal. The chef Markus Medler serves awarding-winning haute cuisine. Fresh and seasonal dishes cover a broad spectrum, ranging from traditional German cuisine to Mediterranean and Asian-style creations. The restaurant is regularly awarded one star in the Michelin guide. The sommelier, Johannes Diekert, serves traditional wines from the wine cellar as well as some exotic beverages. The colour of the décor and furnishings at the Hessler are warm, relaxed and pleasant. You feel well and at ease. This shows that good food and relaxed surroundings go very well together. If you are an ambitious amateur cook why not book a place on one of the day cookery courses at the Hessler and learn how to prepare a four course meal? The sommelier will also give you a few tips.

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Hessler, Maintal


Locally Sourced Restaurant

Am Bootshafen 4, Maintal, 63477

00 49 (0) 6181 43030


Stylish but not stiff - would be a fitting description for ..

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