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Overgaden Neden Vandet 17, København K, Copenhagen, 1414, Denmark

Contact Details

Tel: 00 45 (0) 3254 5408


Opening Times:

Monday-Sunday 17:30-24.00

Grill & Steakhouse

Situated in a historic building next to the charming Christianshavn’s canal near Christianshavn Torv, Asador is a restaurant that brings the authentic taste of the “Argentine Asado” to Copenhagen.

The interior looks like an Argentinean “Cueva” (cave), with large pictures of the Argentine countryside and its locals. Asador’s speciality is, of course, meat dishes prepared as they are in Argentina. The slow cooking process ensures that the meat achieves its full flavour and potential.

The menu reflects the typical dining style that you would experience in traditional Argentine steakhouses. You start by choosing the type of meat, decide on the cuts and sizes, and finally choose your own garniture. A range of starters and delicious desserts make your meal complete and for lunch, you can also enjoy a selection of smaller dishes and steak sandwiches in addition to the regular menu. Together with the large assortment of carefully selected wines from the most famous wineries in Argentina, Asador can truly offer you the ultimate Argentinean dining experience.

Licensed to serve alcohol Licensed to serve alcohol

meal price guide Price Range: £35.00 - £55.00 per head

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Grill & Steakhouse

Overgaden Neden Vandet 17, København K, Copenhagen, 1414

00 45 (0) 3254 5408


Situated in a historic building next to the charming ..

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