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272 rue Saint Honoré, Paris, 75001, France

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Tel: 00 33 (0) 1428 60342


Japanese Restaurant

In this pleasant and authentic restaurant, you will find a rare speciality of Japanese cuisine prepared in the most traditional style - Unagi (grilled eel). Carefully handed down from one generation to another, this eel recipe is the basis of very intriguing and delicious tasteful variations. After the expert preparation, the eel is server tender, grilled and almost caramelised. Before tasting it, it is suggested that one sprinkles the dish with a special spice called sanshô, which is very aromatic and resembles lemon grass. The chef who has created these dishes was trained in Japan by the founder of Nodaiwa, whose trio of restaurants in Tokyo have been considered as the greatest stars of Japanese cuisine for five generations since the Edo period.

Licensed to serve alcohol Licensed to serve alcohol

meal price guide Price Range: £35.00 - £55.00 per head

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