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Less than £10.00 per headexterior

Romantik Hotel Süchsischer Hof

Locally Sourced Restaurant

Georgstraße 1, Meiningen, 98617


“Posthalterei” in the romantic Saechsischer Hof Hotel in Meiningen.

Herrnberger Hof

German Restaurant

Eisfelder Straße 44, Lauscha, 98724


The Rennsteighotel Herrnberger Hof has a commanding view from its hilltop location.

£20.00 - £35.00 per headLEANDER-Bar.Bistro im Steigenberger Hotel, Eisenach

Weinwirtschaft Leander

Italian Restaurant

Karlsplatz 11, Eisenach, 99817


The Weinwirtschaft LEANDER restaurant of the Steigenberger Hotel, Thüringer Hof really ..

Krone Ichtershausen

German Restaurant

Erfurter Landstrasse 22, Ichtershausen, 99334


Traditional although fine and cozy design.


French Restaurant

Hohenhaus, Herleshausen, 37293


Hotel Hohenhaus is an oasis of calm nestled in park-like grounds, surrounded by vast ..

£35.00 - £55.00 per headexterior

Die Posthalterei

Locally Sourced Restaurant

Georgstrasse 1, Meiningen, 98617


The Posthalterei in the Sächsischer Hof in Meiningen was once used as a coach inn by ..

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