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Selected Restaurants under “Canton Ticino” - Online Booking

£35.00 - £55.00 per head

Lago Ristorante

Italian Restaurant

Via alla Riva 2, Minusio, 6648


A vision of turquoise and white, the boutique-chic Giardino Lago sits dreamily on the ..

More than £55.00 per head

Giardino Lounge e Ristorante

Indian Restaurant

Viale B. Papio 1, Ascona, 6612


Al Portone

Italian Restaurant

Viale Cassarate 3, Lugano, 6900

00 41 (0) 9192 35511


Refined and inventive Mediterranean cuisine served in an ..

Osteria dell Enoteca

Locally Sourced Restaurant

Contrada Maggiore 24, Losone, 6616

00 41 (0) 9179 17817


Losone is not far from Lake Maggiore, just on the other side ..

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