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Au Gourmand

17 rue Molière, Paris, 75001, France

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Tel: 00 33 (0) 1429 62219


French Restaurant

Interior, Au Gourmand, Paris, France.
Located in the heart of the historic Parisian triangle that is the Opera, Louvre and Palais Royal, Au Gourmand offers classic, seasonal French cuisine, all wonderfully prepared by Chef Sébastien Ginestet.

Accompanying such superb food is a glorious wine list which spans the whole of France and features over 110 references. As for the décor, enjoy a warm and cosy ambience, perfect for any kind of meal, from a romantic dinner for two to a business lunch or family get together. Service is friendly and very professional - owner Hervé de Libouton and his team give a warm welcome and a delightful dining experience is enjoyed by all.

Licensed to serve alcohol Licensed to serve alcohol

meal price guide Price Range: £35.00 - £55.00 per head

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